Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not believe we should qualify anybody when buying puppies from us! One of our customers said it right: “They’re great dogs but we don’t need anyone qualifying us as to whether or not we deserve the right to buy one of their puppies.” It is our intention to place our puppies in good homes. However we certainly reserve the right not to sell if we believe it is in the best interests of the dog.

Basically it means you are getting a top of the line puppy! A champion sire or dam, means that one of the parents or both has repeatably won FCI organized conformation shows and must therefore be of excellent appearance and conformation. Literally this means, by the rules of the FCI, that the dog has won the necessary number of local or international dog shows to have been able to earn a Champion or International Champion title

All our puppies receive the vaccinations necessary for their age, and any additional vaccinations that are required to meet your countries import regulations.

Our head office is situated in the beautiful city of Vernal, UT 84078 United State.

Unless stated otherwise in the Breeder’s Note, our puppies are not neutered.

The health of our puppies is our top priority, and even more importantly, the whole purpose of the breeders we work with! We only choose puppies from breeders we know put the welfare and comfort of their puppies first. That is why we check the environment the puppies are raised in, to ensure they are healthy, happy and well cared for. Once you choose your puppy, all necessary vaccinations are given, and immediately prior to departure your puppy will have a check up with our veterinarian

Most countries do not require you to quarantine. Those that do are mainly in Asia and include – China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. These quarantines are mainly to make sure the dogs are disease free. Fortunately  with our knowledge of minimum age regulations for every country, quarantines can be avoided in most cases, by having the dog happily with their breeder here until they are allowed to be imported.

Most countries do not require an import permit. Countries that do, include, but are not limited to the UAE, Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait, China, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. Import permits are required firstly to make sure the breed of dog is allowed, and secondly to ensure the dog has all the documents needed. We will provide you with all necessary information and documents to make it easy for you. We also offer assistance in most of these countries through our local partners.

We can offer deliver by road within the USA. We will accept such requests if it offers a better, faster and more economical choice than the airlines.

For countries with more complex regulations we have local agents to help you even more with the process. These countries include Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Jordan and Australia. These local partners will help you to complete the entire import procedure and will in most cases deliver your dog to your home or let you go to their location (office, store, clinic) to pick up the dog. If a local partner is available in your country, we strongly advice to use our selected partner. We choose the partner with the best and most convenient system for you.

The cost of shipping depends on various factors, but the two most significant ones are: the size of the crate which your dog travels in, and the airline company. Size of course depends on your dog’s age and the breed. For a small breed the age is less of a factor, but for a bigger breed the older the dog as it grows, the greater the cost. Airlines prices vary by large amounts. Much like the cost of your flight tickets would depend on the choice of airline; the most expensive can be twice as much as the cheapest. As a default we will always offer the most economical option that we consider safe to ship with. You have the option to upgrade to any airline of your choice